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Famous Birthdays
30 July 1929
Chris McGuirre

30 July 1857
Thorstein Veblen, economist (Theory of the Leisure Class).

30 July 1818
Emily Bront, English novelist (Wuthering Heights).

30 July 1939
Peter Bogdanovich, director, producer.

30 July 1898
Henry Moore, English sculptor.

A Day in History
30 July 1971
US Apollo 15 lands on Mare Imbrium.

30 July 1946
1st rocket to attain 100-mile altitude White Sands NM

30 July 1619
House of Burgesses Virginia formed 1st elective US governing body

30 July 1956
Motto of US "In God We Trust" authorized

30 July 1984
STS-14 1st flight of Discovery.

Fact of the Moment
Sales of Porches decreased in the U.S. from 30,000 in 1986, to 3,000 in 1993.

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Quote of the Moment
by American Proverb
Never swap horses crossing a stream.