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Famous Birthdays
20 August 1938
Jean-Loup Chretien, 1st French traveler in space (on Soyuz T-6)

20 August 1921
Jacqueline Susann, writer (Valley of the Dolls)

20 August 1946
Connie Chung, TV newscaster (NBC)

20 August 1951
Guy Lafleur, NHL star

20 August 1944
Rajiv Gandhi, PM of India (1984-, )

A Day in History
20 August 1930
Dumont's 1st TV Broadcast for home reception NY city

20 August 1977
Voyager 2 launched for fly-by of Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

20 August 1940
Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico City by agents of Stalin

20 August 1920
US's 1st coml radio 8MK later WWJ Detroit began daily broadcasting

20 August 1956
Republicans convene at the Cow Palace

Fact of the Moment
The largest pearl in the world was found in the Philippines which is located in Palawan. It is a size of a tennis ball

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Quote of the Moment
by Hall, Manly P.
A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.